Digester Cover, Valley House Farm, UK

Client: PH Energy

Project summary: Digester gas collection cover

Project scope:
The client had a rectangle concrete digester tank which needed to be covered. Biogas Products Ltd recommended that they install an ‘insulated’ biogas collection cover in order to harness the biogas that was being secreted from the digester tank into the atmosphere. The insulated layer would also provide heat retention with the digester tank and prevent valuable heat from escaping.

Services provided:
Biogas Products Ltd designed the insulated biogas collection cover, with viewing windows for easy visual inspection of the digester. The cover was designed to be removable and supported by a steel galvanised structure and internal rope system to maintain easy access to the digester tank. They designed, manufactured, installed and pressure tested the digester cover, which was inflated to a pressure of 10mbar.

Heat loss from the digester, as a result of the insulated digester cover, has been reduced by 50%.

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