Basket Strainers, Intec Maritime, Spain

Client: Intec Maritime Services Corp

Project summary: Design and manufacture biogas dehumidifier

Project Scope

Biogas Products Ltd were contracted to design, manufacture and supply 2 no stainless steel ‘Vertical’ basket strainers and 1no stainless steel ‘horizontal’ basket strainer.

The strainers were to be delivered to Cadiz, Spain where they were to be fitted to the swimming pool plant room of the ‘Oasis of the Seas’ cruise liner which was undergoing major refurbishment.

Design Requirement

The basket strainers were designed with 3mm perforations and a viewing window in the lid. Drawings were produced and approved by the client before manufacturing began.


The basket strainers were manufactured and pressure tested to 3bar at our Works.


The basket strainers were delivered and successfully installed by the client.

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