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Biogas H2S Dry Media Scrubber

Ideal for sites with low to medium H2S loadings.


Key Features:

  • UK manufactured design
  • Cleaner less corrosive gas
  • Increased engine life
  • Small footprint
  • Reduced engine downtime for maintenance
  • Dry or wet biogas can be treated
  • Instant start up after plant shutdowns


Dry media scrubbers are particularly effective on sites with a low to medium flow and H2S content. This system can be installed as a stand alone H2S removal process or as standby/addition to an existing scrubbing process. This type of scrubber provides instant start up protection. This solution is economically viable when the combination of biogas flow and H2S loading requires a low annual volume of replacement media.

Consumables: Replacement media

Discharge: None


Dry media absorbs hydrogen sulphide from raw biogas by facilitating a chemical reaction in the scrubber tank. AWT TRI-OX™ media neutralises the hydrogen sulphide and reduces odours, corrosiveness and sulphur emissions from your biogas. The tank size is carefully calculated to function for a specific time period or to achieve the maximum possible media life span, before it needs replacing. AWT TRI-OX™ media also has many other useful properties: 

  • removes H2S in aerobic and anaerobic gas flows
  • dry granular form which is safe and easy to handle
  • environmentally safe for easy disposal
  • non-flammable and safe from exothermic reactions
  • works on demand and can remain in standby mode
  • can handle 100% relative humidity conditions
  • spent media can be used as soil conditioner
  • system can remain in standby mode for years.

Biogas with an oxygen content will provide optimum performance and removal efficiency of the media. Air injection can be considered.


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