Biogas Dehumidifier, Scotland, UK

Client: Aquabio Ltd

Project summary: Design and manufacture biogas dehumidifier for a brewery

 Project Scope

Biogas Products Ltd were contracted to design and manufacture a skid mounted biogas dehumidifier to be incorporated into the existing gas system at a brewery in Scotland.

Design Requirement

The gas dehumidifier was designed to cool a gas flow of 130m3/hr down to 5C (cold water/gas tube/shell heat exchanger) and then reheat to 15C (gas to gas tube/shell heat exchanger).


The biogas dehumidifier was designed, manufactured and pressure tested at our Works before it was delivered to site.

We sourced the water chiller directly from the manufacturer in Italy. By importing directly we were able to generate a cost saving for the client.


The biogas dehumidifier was manufactured and delivered to site on time, as requested by the client.

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