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Biogas H2S Biological Scrubber

Ideal for sites that have a constant H2S loading and a supply of effluent/water with nutrient addition.

Key Features:

  • UK manufactured designs
  • Cleaner less corrosive gas
  • Increased engine life
  • Reduced engine downtime for maintenance
  • Minimal OPEX
  • Ideal for high gas flows and high H2S content

Biological H2S scrubbers are suitable for use on sites with high gas flows and H2S content, chemical addition is not required.

Consumables: Effluent/water, electricity, nutrients

Discharge: Wastewater (potential fertilizer)

AWT Biorock™

The acid resistant scrubbing tanks are packed with AWT BIOROCK™ media. Within these tanks, we can create, the perfect environment for sulphur oxidation bacteria to grow and multiply. A liquid nutrient is added and sprayed across the media. The temperature of the tank is maintained at 35-50 degrees centigrade to ensure maximum efficiency to convert the hydrogen sulphide (H2S) biologically into sulphate through a series of oxidations.

Once the biogas passes upwards through the tanks, the hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is converted to sulphate through a series of oxidations.

AWT Biorock™ provides the ideal surface for the support and growth of the sulphur oxidation bacteria. It also has the following features:

  • stable and inert – for long life (20 years);
  • light and strong – ideal for deep beds;
  • high porosity and surface area – ideal for biological growth;
  • stone voidage allows continual irrigation, ensuring the biomass is fully wetted for peak performance;
  • >99% H2S and mercapatan removal at steady loading is achievable.

On some plants it’s possible to utilise effluent or liqours, seperated from the digested sludge, as a wetting media. However, it must be free from particles and not contain any chemicals.


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