Our Services


We specialise in the design and build of robust equipment for the process of Anaerobic Digestion. All products are manufactured in the UK but can be shipped to anywhere in the world.


We maintain and repair all types of mechanical plant on both water and wastewater sites around the United Kingdom. We also design and build replacement or duplicate parts.


We carry out mechanical repairs and refurbishment on all types of inlet screens from a number of well-known manufacturers in order to increase operational performance and reliability.

Our Products

On-farm membrane gas holders

Membrane gas holders

Biogas reheater for client Emerald Biogas

Biogas reheaters

Hollywood Farm digester lining

Digester refurbishments

Siloxane Scrubber tanks in works

H2S removal

About us


We are specialists in the field of biogas production, storage, cleaning and utilisation through the process of anaerobic digestion. Our expertise extends to the manufacture, repair and refurbishment of all types of mechanical plant, inlet screen and gas pipework systems.

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