Supply a biogas cooling system consisting of a biogas to cold water heat exchanger in order to reduce the temperature of a 1800m3/hr biogas flow from 40 to 5 degrees centigrade.

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What we did

Project Scope

Biogas Products Ltd were contracted to design and manufacture 1no Biogas to cold water heat exchanger to provide biogas cooling at an existing biomass plant located at SAICA paper mill in Manchester.

Design Requirement

The heat exchanger was designed to reduce the temperature of 1800m3/hr biogas from 40C down to 5C and to automatically remove the condensate. The heat exchanger and condensate pots are manufactured in 316SS.

Products and Services

The heat exchanger and condensate pots were designed, manufactured and pressure tested at our Works before delivery to site. The Water Chiller was purchased direct from the manufacturer Greenbox s.r.l in Italy. The complete plant was installed and commissioned by our own site installation team.


The operating efficiency of the existing on-site hot water boilers was greatly improved by the removal of water from the biogas fuel.

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