Our biogas collection and storage systems are constructed using specially formulated membrane material which is resistant to corrosive gas and heat.

UK design and manufacture

Ground & tank mounted

H2S and heat resistant membranes

Specially formulated, reinforced thermoplastics

What we do

Membrane biogas storage is an essential part of the anaerobic digestion process. It provides buffer storage and a controlled adjustable system gas pressure. Typical system pressures range from 5mbar to 25mbar.

All our gas holders and covers are designed in-house and manufactured by specialist membrane manufacturers in the UK.  A membrane is a polyester fabric that has a special PVC coating on both sides making it very hard wearing as well as resistant to H2S and heat. It is very flexible and versatile and can be manufactured to fit to almost any shape or size of new or existing steel/concrete tank.

Membrane gas holder

For flexible, economical and reliable biogas storage, a stand-alone membrane gas holder is the best option. Available in a range of sizes (<6000m3) and shapes (spherical and rectangular) our membrane gas holders are quick to manufacture and install.

Biogas domes for tanks

Our biogas domes can be designed to fit any new or existing, steel or concrete digester tank. Made from specially formulated PVC membrane, we use a centre post and new support system to prevent the dome from deflating into the digester.

Biogas collection cover

An insulated cover is bolted to a steel support frame which is manufactured specifically to fit snug around your digester. The covers are easily removeable so you can gain access to the tank and a rope netting system prevents the cover from entering the digester.