Biogas Storage

Membrane biogas storage is an essential part of anaerobic digestion. It provides buffer storage and a controlled adjustable system gas pressure. Typical system pressures range from 5mbar to 25mbar.

A membrane is a polyester fabric that has a special PVC coating on both sides making it very hard wearing as well as resistant to H2S and heat. It is very flexible and versatile and can be manufactured to fit to almost any shape or size of new or existing steel/concrete tank. Stand alone membrane gas holders need only simple flat concrete bases and can be supplied as ½ sphere or ¾ sphere shapes.

Biogas Products’ range of UK manufactured biogas storage solutions includes:

  • Ground mounted ½ and ¾ sphere double membrane biogas holders
  • Tank mounted double membrane biogas domes
  • Single membrane ‘insulated’ biogas covers

(See also Digester Refurbishment; Gas Pipework)

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