Digester Refurbishment, Liverpool WwTW, UK

Client: Eric Wright Ltd (United Utilities)

Project summary: Refurbish and replace mechanical plant

Project Scope

Biogas Products Ltd were contracted to refurbish roof-mounted mechanical equipment on top of an anaerobic digester.

The process required the team to remove several large steel upstands and flanges which were transported back to our works for grit blasting and painting.

New viewing windows with lights were fitted in the flanges and 50m of existing steel purge pipework was replaced with stainless steel. Several isolating valves were replaced and the refurbished parts refitted before the roof was painted


All the work was completed on site and at our works by our own mechanical installation team.


The refurbished digester has now been put back in service and we are now completing refurbishment works on a second digester at Liverpool WwTW.

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