Delivering maintenance, repairs and refurbishment on all types of mechanical plant on wastewater treatment sites across the UK. 

Servicing & Maintenance

Repair & refurbishment

Machining & Welding

Stainless Steel Pipework

What we do

Servicing & Maintenance

We provide both routine and reactive servicing and maintenance checks on all types of mechanical plant on both water and wastewater sites around the United Kingdom.

Repair & Refurbishment

Our experienced and competent engineers will identify faults or establish the root cause of broken or under-performing mechanical equipment and suggest the best method of repair.


We design, build and install new mechanical plant, pipework or replacement mechanical parts at our in-house 10,000 square foot fabrication and welding facilities.


Washpactor refurbishment

Complete refurbishment of a Jones & Attwood washpactor including fabrication of new spiral and heavy duty brush.

Gas Boosters & Pipework

We relocated the exisiting gas boosters and  installed a new 200m, 200mm diametre, gas pipework system at Oldham WwTW.

Air blower repair

Modified pipework and replaceed non-return air valves on an air blower at Stockport WwTW for United Utilities. The existing valves had seized up and disrupting the flow of air into the gas holder.

Digester Refurbishment

We removed and refurbished mechanical plant located on the roof of an anaerobic digester at Liverpool WwTW.

Gritrake refurbishment

Refurbished grit rake for Eric Wright Group and Severn Trent Water – replaced roller bearing assemblies, bronze brushes and stub shafts and scraper blades.

Condensate pots installed

Manaufactured and installed three condensate pots at Bolton WwTW to remove water from the digester gas pipework system.

Mechanical Services

Our experienced and knowledgeable site teams are fully equipped to provide mechanical repairs on-site. Where this isn’t possible, we will arrange to have the asset removed and transported to our extensive workshop facilities. This will enable us to clean, strip, repair and refurbish the mechanical equipment and return it to service quickly as possible.

  • Inlet screens
  • Screenings handling
  • Grit removal plant
  • Tankscrapers
  • Screw conveyors
  • Aeration plant
  • Mechanical mixers
  • Pumping station repairs


Just some of the maany  jobs our site teams have completed for wastewater treatment sites across the UK.


Biogas Products many years of experience in this field enable them to devise and develop solutions to site requirements. They can also work on assets they haven’t installed as effectively as on their own supplied equipment.