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Double membrane biogas holder

A flexible, economical and reliable option for biogas storage.

Key Features:

  • UK manufactured designs
  • Sizes up to 6000m3
  • Maintenance free
  • ½ sphere, ¾ sphere or rectangular options
  • High quality membranes
  • Long service life
  • H2S resistant
  • Lightning protection systems supplied and installed
A stand-alone membrane biogas holder is the most flexible, economical, reliable and efficient biogas storage solution available on the market.

The membrane biogas holder consists of an outer membrane layer and an internal ‘complete bag’ membrane layer. The area between the two layers is continually pressurised with air using air blowers. The air inflates the outer membrane providing rigidity. The internal ‘complete bag’ layer, encases the biogas and reduces the risk of leaks.

The membrane gas holder is fast to manufacture and install. It is easy to maintain only requiring occasional visual inspections. The port holes or viewing windows in the outer membrane allow easy viewing of the inner membrane layer.

A level sensor is incorporated into the membrane gas holder to provide an indication of available gas volume and can be used to control other parts of plant. CH4 detection can be supplied to monitor for leakage of biogas into the air chamber.

It is important to consider lightning protection on all membrane gas holder installations. We recommend the ‘rolling sphere’ method which uses vertical posts to create the necessary protective zone around the gas holder. We can provide the design and manufacture/install the lightning posts.


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